Sunzal seems to have waves every single day and makes the most of any S-W swell at lower tides. A big peak sucks up way outside (offering some lefts in due S swells) and then rumbles right for ages, offering fun walls and cutback shoulders. Super consistent and super popular. Great for any level depending on the swell. There is always a wave here or as locals say; 340 days out of 365.


Punta Roca is El Sal’s world-class pointbreak racing over shallow, black boulders in the town of La Libertad. Can get leg-achingly long on a medium S swell, with hollow, tubing sections popping up regularly. It needs to be at least 3ft (1m) to break off the rocks, but it holds surf of up to 12ft (4m). Safer at high tide and not for beginners!


El Zonte is dominated by heaps of rocks so it’s safer at high tide. When the swell is big enough, there are some sucky lefts that can be ridden on the other side of the bay. Mellower vibe than other Libertad breaks. Driving west, the scenery gets dramatic with steep cliffs, mountain tunnels and winding roads. Most of the capes are inaccessible, but a boat trip around this area would undoubtedly be rewarding.

K59 & K61

Two boulder points behind gates that can show good form at mid-tide on a S swell. K59 is much better as it warps across the inside, allowing experts a racetrack and intermediates a fun wall on the wider sets. K61 looks good from a distance but is less lined up, shiftier and a long paddle. 


An endless untouched beachbreak that stretches to the first of many righthand points at Mizata, which works on any size swell at low tide, to avoid the high tide backwash. There is also a left hand point to surf.


Sorry can't tell you where it is but if you want we can go there byboat..

Eternal Summer

Km 44 Carretera El Litoral, Playa el Sunzal

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